Survey for Academics (lecturers) in the field of applied AI

Survey for Academics (lecturers) in the field of applied AI

The questionnaires of 80 teachers from 5 countries were collected and analyzed, concerning artificial intelligence teaching. Among the more interesting results belongs the finding, that most of the teachers are self-educated regarding artificial intelligence, the majority of them never participated in a commercial project regarding artificial intelligence, but most of the teachers would welcome extended participation of experts from industry in teaching of students. From their recommendations can be selected e.g. advices:

Focus more on the free versions.

  • Select proper computing language and libraries first
  • Attention on Computer Vision, Explainable AI, Human-AI interaction
  • Add more doing by examples activities
  • Solving real AI cases at classes

Most of the answers were analyzed and visualized in a form of graphs.

Full paper can ce found here: Research 4 StateOfTheArt_teachers_Dirgova

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