Multiplier Event: Da Vinci

Multiplier Event: Da Vinci

The event commenced with an inaugural address by Vasyl Martsenyuk, the Head of Department of Computer Science at the University of Bielsko-Biala. His opening remarks set the stage for an insightful exploration of Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) within the context of the FAAI project.

Marcin Bernaś addressed the contemporary challenges faced by the field of Applied AI. His presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the complexities and hurdles that professionals in this domain encounter. The audience gained valuable insights into the evolving landscape of AAI.

Aleksandra Klos-Witkowska took the stage to introduce the FAAI project. She provided a detailed overview of the project’s objectives, partner organizations, and identified target groups. The audience gained a deeper understanding of the project’s scope and potential impact on various stakeholders.

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