Student competition in the field of applied artificial intelligence

Student competition in the field of applied artificial intelligence


On 16.06.2023, according to the program of UniBIT for the implementation of tasks within the project “The Future Is In Applied Artificial Intelligence” (FAAI:2022-1-PL01-KA220-HED-000088359), a competition for student projects was held at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT). The focus was on projects related to applied artificial intelligence in the field of informatics and computer science. The competition involved students from the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in the departments of “Information Systems and Technologies” and “Computer Science” at ULSIT. Representatives from IBM were also invited to the event, and observed the student implementations with interest.

The student projects included theoretical or practical ideas, models, and applications in the field of applied artificial intelligence. The participants were evaluated by a three-member committee based on three main criteria: quality of the presentation, presentation skills, and project implementation quality. The most interesting student developments received special awards from the FAAI project, as well as awards from IBM and UniBIT. The special awards for the top three winners were a laptop backpack, wireless headphones, a webcam, and a wireless computer mouse. All participants also received promotional materials with information about the project.

The academic representatives of UniBIT expressed their satisfaction with the competition, and the students promised to participate with new ideas and implementations in its next edition.

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