Article: Research and Analysis of Different Real Cases, with use AAI

Article: Research and Analysis of Different Real Cases, with use AAI

This article is fulfilled within the framework of Erasmus+ project “The Future is in Applied Artificial Intelligence” (FAAI) and examines the study of practical solutions implemented using applied artificial intelligence. The research was done by preparing an online survey containing a total of 7 questions, open and closed. The purpose of the study is to find real working applications of applied artificial intelligence projects, describe their application in what field, and record the name of the projects found to describe their activity. The study was done by looking at cases all over the world. The analysis of the data provides insight in several directions: – in which countries are more real cases of artificial intelligence solutions used – what is the distribution of realized cases – depending on whether the country is a member of the EU or not EU. – In what category is the real case developed. – whether the country of the real case works in collaboration with other countries or implements the real case only the country. The research and analysis done provide a clear picture of the developed projects using artificial intelligence. The obtained results will guide in what areas to organize the practical training. Also, the research would help future AI application developers.

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